Individual Therapy

Taking in the bigger picture. 

If emotions, thoughts, and unhelpful habits are keeping you from a life you'd love, then therapy will help. It allows you to focus on areas of growth and provide you freedom from patterns that may have kept you feeling stuck.


Couples Work


If arguments and repeated failures to meet either partner's needs is a regular occurrence then couples work will aid in helping couples see each other and work on new methods and perspectives to approach their life together. 




By setting goals for growth and identifying your core strengths and attributes and optimizing them, life coaching can help you create possibility both personally and professionally.


Spiritual Counseling


If you find yourself trying to reconcile parts of your spirituality or religion while processing pain and shame then spiritual counseling can provide a new viewpoint for integration and healing.

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What I offer?

An innate tendency in human beings is the desire to make life meaningful while we make sense of it. We do this within our communities and through our connections with others. Additionally, our lived experiences and the practices of how we move through daily life are also at the heart of making sense of things. When you unpack the people, experiences, and practices of our lives you get to the core of who you are and what your relationships are about. In identifying what’s most important to you and how you move through the world you can unpack the roadblocks that keep you from having that life or relationship you want. I work on attuning holistically to your story by taking into account every individual component of your being (physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional self).

My take on therapy...

I strive to build a renewed sense of agency and understanding in clients by offering opportunities to get them living the life or relationship they will love and find fulfilling. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Associate, I offer couples therapy as well as individual therapy services. I approach therapy in a way that takes into account systemic, cultural, relational, attachment needs, and influences. I align with the couple or client to try to get into the muddy, less glamorous dynamics of life to uncover what is really at the heart things for them. Together with you, I work as an attentive and empathetic process consultant: identifying perceptions and damaging cycles to reorient you and/or your partner in order to create opportunities for vulnerability and understanding. The goal is for you to see yourself again and to see the person(s) you are in a relationship with once again. By doing so, we put into practice new approaches and help you gain skills that will enable success in your everyday life independent of therapy. Ultimately, I venture to make therapy a safe space where individuals can be seen, heard, and can grow in a direction that aligns with their unique values and goals. I am fluent in both English and Spanish (native Spanish speaker). 


I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy Associate in the state of Washington (MG60583510) with a Master of Arts in Relational & Pastoral Therapy from Seattle University. I hold a Mental Health Professional designation from King County Department of Community & Human Services. I'm a member of the Washington State Association for Marriage & Family Therapy as well as a Pre-Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy. I work as a trauma-informed therapist with a strong theoretical framework from approaches ranging from Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Internal Family Systems. I seek to meet the need of any person who walks through my door to get the most out of each session. 

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